Simple task management

Jan 30, 2023
Jan 30, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


Today’s update has a few good, useful fixes and improvements to Relate.

  • Added a simple task management feature

  • [Re-install required] Migrated to a new deployment system

  • Added email file attachment download feature

  • Fixed and improved various bugs and UX issues

Simple task management

You can now use simple task management to track sales and customer-related tasks in Relate directly.

Our first version of task management features an easy way to list all your customer/sales-related tasks on each organization page. You can assign a person and check/uncheck each item.

[Re-installation required] Install to update application no longer required

We’ve migrated to a new deployment system, which allows you to skip the entire uninstall/reinstall newly updated version every time we deploy.

This update will be your LAST manual update and moving on, all updates will be downloaded and applied automatically. Please follow the below steps to proceed:

  1. Remove the current version of Relate from your desktop

  2. Go to this download page to download the latest Relate version and install.

  3. All future upgrades and updates will be applied automatically.

If you install the newest version without removing your current legacy Relate version, you might end up with two different Relate applications on your desktop!

If your current Relate version is NOT 0.14.0, please update it to 0.14.0 first, and then proceed with above steps.

Download email file attachments

You can now download any file attachments in your emails. If an email thread has a file attached, it will look like the screenshot above. You can click it to download the file to your local desktop.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added Trigger options to Organization Assignee and Status in Zapier

  • Fixed an issue where the filter didn’t work properly

  • Fixed a bug where the email send button is disabled when you forward an email

  • Fixed a bug where the Organization Status does not get updated even after submitting a change

  • Fixed Tilebox email integration error

  • Fixed a bug where a filter using a custom field gets applied on the Deal Pipeline page

  • Fixed a bug where Zapier sends an empty trigger to Action

  • Fixed an issue where sorting Organization Page by custom field results in a white blank page

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