Previewing Prospecting feature

Jul 18, 2023
Jul 18, 2023
Jul 18, 2023

Great ideas are born out of necessity.

Relate was born out of our own needs. We tried every sales CRM out there and couldn't find a simple, easy-to-use CRM for startups like us. We just wanted something simple - a good way to track leads, deals, and customer communication in one place.

But is simple enough?

What if enjoying powerful automations and workflows didn't require costly customization or systems integration?

That's why we built Prospecting.

Prospecting is a fresh feature consolidating all potential leads, from marketing, product sign ups, to outbound lists.

Use the Prospecting feature to identify, qualify, and then close your leads through the pipeline.

Previewing the Prospecting + Automated deal closing feature

We still have a few details to iron out before shipping it to all our customers. If you want to get a headstart, go over to our settings page ( and turn preview features on.

We'll let you know as soon as we make this feature public!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed: When sending an email, you can now include the recipient's name along with the message.

  • Fixed: The init action from the pipeline model now filters out archived pipelines.

  • Fixed: When using the organization domain, Clearbit now correctly displays the corresponding logo in the Inbox

  • Fixed: Resolved missing "Sent via Relate" in email drafts

  • Fixed: Removed lazy loading of Sidebar and Topbar components

  • Fixed: Resolved duplication of query calls in the Inbox.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the "Reply All" button in the email draft form disappears.

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue preventing the sending of email replies

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug causing a duplicate scroll bar in the Notification list

  • Improved: You can now import deal statuses via .csv import feature

  • Improved: Inbox now loads items much faster.

  • Improved: Improved email form draft UX

  • Improved: Zapier now sends a notification when an Organization/Person/Deal is created via Zapier actions

  • Improved: The indexed db cache object has been divided to optimize performance and maintain data integrity.

  • Improved: Security headers have been properly configured in the vercel.json file, ensuring a more secure environment.

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